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In a mythic time

Let us not forget That we too walk in a mythical time where fresh breezes from the East come to awaken the sleeper and the clear ringing of a bell summons us to distant horizons where winged horses wait in secret meadows and golden apples are guarded by fierce dragons.   We too have our… Read more

The angel in the clay

I remember a story I heard once, about an angel who was ordered by God to descend to the earth and become human. It was his time. The poor angel was frightened. He had no desire to go to such a dangerous place- a place of blindness and passion and grief, of confinement and limitation…. Read more

Laying the Stone

(To a seeker, looking for evidence of spiritual progress)   There are a million moments in your life that go unseen, moments of sudden clarity, oneness, tastes of what is real and eternal. The best of you is not seen by anyone. Inwardly you can stand on a mountaintop looking down amidst the clear ringing… Read more


  There is a way of being which naturally retreats from the tyranny of the outer world and finds its own inner landscape of colors, moods and feelings. I experience it as a quality of wetness, a wetness of the soul. The only joy and happiness I have felt in my life has been due… Read more

Happiness is not happiness

Happiness is not really happiness. It’s more like attention, not being distracted by anything else. Reigning in my mind so that it rests on one thing only, the thing before me How many moments in a day does this happen? There is always some thought, some preoccupation, some shred of a story always forming Whisking… Read more