Don’t believe in yourself, believe in Love

How will you ever convince yourself that you are good, when all your life you have been collecting and feeling the evidence against it?

You have inhabited your shortcomings and failings for too long.

Like a coat you put on that now feels like a second skin.

No, you will never believe it. You have been living in a tiny room and are unable to see anything outside.

Trying to change your belief about yourself is no more than painting the walls a new colour, putting in new furniture.

You would do better to call up a memory, perhaps distant, of the clear blue sky that you once knew, or the brilliant shining sun. A bright mountain vista or the majesty of the rolling sea. Remember someone that looked upon you with love, and if you can’t remember even that, then imagine a face looking at you with love. Imagine being held in the most intimate, loving arms. Imagine a vast and shining goodness at the core of everything.

If you can do this, you will come closer to what you are really seeking.

You can’t climb out of a confined space by circling and pacing the floor. There is a ladder that leads upward. A vertical ascent is being asked of you, and that is why you have been led here. If you did not suffer, you would never think to look up, you would never reach.

You think that you have to believe in yourself, but you will never find what you are looking for there. Don’t believe in yourself, believe in Love.

And even once you reach that open air, you may think the tiny room you lived in will disappear. But it may remain there for all your days, and you may go back into it often out of habit.

But the door will always remain open, and there will be windows where the light gets in, and you will be reminded: You belong to a great goodness. You belong to Love.


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