Laying the Stone

(To a seeker, looking for evidence of spiritual progress)


There are a million moments in your life that go unseen, moments of sudden clarity, oneness, tastes of what is real and eternal. The best of you is not seen by anyone. Inwardly you can stand on a mountaintop looking down amidst the clear ringing of bells but you will never share this with anyone.

Your progress, whatever it may be, will be unknown, even by you.

But you may notice signs gathering around you, that things are different, that you have changed. People linger near you, as if they want to sit by the warmth of your fire. And you are able to hold each of them inside you, considering them deeply. Your heart feels them and gets involved without thinking, providing whatever is needed, whatever might help.

And you may begin to know death as a constant companion, the fragility of the moment, the importance of this very moment. And yet you don’t feel afraid, because you are taking the loss little by little, feeling into it now, befriending it.

And you may notice that you know who is going to call upon you that day, because their face appeared in your mind’s eye. You begin to trust the voice that arises within you, telling you where the highest truth lies. You are aware that there is a constant flow of information available to you, if you can trust it before thinking sets in.

All that is of the highest value, all that is most worthwhile, will be known only to you, and sometimes not even to you, but that makes it no less real.

Don’t look for confirmation from anyone, don’t cast your gaze in hundreds of mirrors, looking to be shown your true reflection. It is not theirs to see.

What you are fashioning with every breath and movement of your heart is as real as a palace being built. There is One who knows every corner of what you are creating, and who delights in every small step: the laying of a new stone, a window being carved out, a candle lit on a table.

Do not look to others for recognition. Trust the One who knows you intimately. The seed has its own design, a blueprint of what it will become, invisible to the naked eye. You are no different.

There are people walking among us who have scaled high mountains spiritually, who have earned the crown of a king, humbly and unselfconsciously. They want only to live amongst their friends, to love and serve them in this precious life. If you seek to emulate anyone, emulate these.

And there are some who talk and teach, and look for the highest power that can be claimed in this life. They gather their coins of admiration and prestige and build empires of influence. But do not look to these people as guides, for they are infected with the disease of this age. Do not seek spiritual progress in the world of power and influence.

There is a thread that unites devotees of Truth throughout every age of this world. Keep company with them, and do your work of living, attending, loving, engaging, searching, feeling.

You have your blueprint, the seed that is destined to grow… trust in this and not in the currency of power and self-promotion. Do not seek to be above others, rather increase your desire to lift others up, for this is the highest power that exists, in all worlds. Know where the true path lies and don’t be taken in by false prophets and those on the path of greed.

The work of love is difficult. It requires all of your attention and energy. There is no glory in it, only service. But this, my friend, is the royal path, the path of hidden kings and queens, of every great and unknown soul who has walked the earth.

They work for an Unknown Master, building a palace stone by stone, without compensation, without knowledge of a plan. They simply feel with certainty that this is their work, and they trust the impulse to lay the stone.

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