Birth Preparation Program

with Heather Johnson


Group course : 4 sessions of 2 hours each, £160

Private course: 4 sessions of 2 hours each, £200

Concessions are available for those who need it. Please get in touch to arrange dates that would suit your needs.


Areas covered:

Emotional/ Inner Self: Processing your emotions around birth, finding your own creative imagery, exploring fears, self-perception

Educational: what happens during labour, influence of birth environment, due dates and induction, coping strategies for labour

Relaxation training: use of positive imagery, basics of self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, the connection between fear, tension and physical pain, how stress affects the labour process, endorphins and how the body works for you in labour

I have been teaching birth preparation courses in Pembrokeshire since 2010. I trained with the HypnoBirthing Institute founded by Marie Mongan, and for several years taught the 5-week long HypnoBirthing course to groups of pregnant women and their partners.   Since then I have developed my own way of teaching birth preparation which incorporates tools such as positive imagery and self-hypnosis, but also coaches you to explore your own emotions, fears and hopes around childbirth.  Birth preparation is not only about having a positive birth experience. Facing the unknowns of birth can be an enormous spiritual opportunity, an invitation to let go and be present to how your unique experience unfolds.  It is an opportunity to get to know the contours of your inner self– where your strength lies, how you respond to challenges, what you are afraid of, and how you perceive yourself.  Pregnancy and the transition into motherhood is such a rich time, often full of emotions and anxieties as well as heightened sensory and intuitive faculties. It can be very helpful to have a guide at this time, to help you process all that is happening within, as well as to help you relax and anticipate a joyful birth experience.

I don’t believe that our experience of birth is within our control. It is part of the mystery of life, and why a birth happens as it does has many factors. Some of these factors are our own physiology and response to stress, the environment, medical interventions, emotions, and feeling of support. Beyond that there may be spiritual reasons that we cannot know why a birth happens as it does.  So I approach birth as a mystery, first and foremost, but I believe we do have a level of influence, and we should make full use of it.  There is clear evidence that when women are educated about what is actually happening in their bodies during labour and birth, when they feel supported, and when they learn tools to calm their minds and let go of unnecessary tension in their bodies, birth goes more smoothly.

My birth preparation program covers each of these elements.  I offer a 4-session program to either individuals or groups.  After the 4 sessions you may want to come for further sessions in the weeks leading up till your birth, to continue exploring your emotions and to give yourself the gift of deep relaxation in this precious time.