Journey of the Self Intensives

with Heather Johnson, MA, Registered Member MBACP


An Intensive is a package of 6 counselling sessions (or more) which are focused on exploring a particular theme. I have identified particular themes that can be transformative to explore in a deeper way, based on my experience working with people over the years as well as my own journey of self awareness. You can also suggest a particular theme or issue that is especially relevant for you. The difference between an intensive and normal counselling sessions is that with an intensive, you are making a commitment to at least 6 sessions, which allows for a deepening of the therapeutic relationship as well as the inner process of inquiry and self-understanding.  With greater relaxation and trust in the relationship comes greater truth and the possibility of new insights.   In these sessions, although you may touch on many different issues in your life, we will continually return to the core theme that you want to explore.  My approach is to incorporate whatever tools and insights I have that might be useful, whether it is hypnotherapy, guided imagery, a particular counselling technique or a spiritual consideration.  My intention is to offer you whatever wisdom, skill and intuitive guidance that I have as it arises in the moment.

Intensive themes

Exploring your life purpose: Do you crave a sense of higher calling and purpose? This intensive will help you explore not only your particular skills and capacities (things you do well), but also a deeper sense of who you are- how you perceive the world and yourself, the inner landscape of your feelings and thoughts, what you are drawn to. When you become clearer on who you are, it is easier for a sense of purpose to unfold.

Self-Acceptance & Letting Go: Have you struggled with low self worth and self doubt throughout your life? This intensive is focused on learning to fully embrace yourself exactly as you are, and to begin to develop a deeper relationship with your own being.  The healing of the relationship you have to your own self is the most important step you can make on the path to greater love and connection.  It  increases your capacity to be present to others and ultimately to be of service in the world.

What is your God Ideal?:  Perhaps you have been a spiritual seeker for many years but still are unsure of what you believe and what is true about life and ultimate reality.  This intensive will help you articulate your spiritual questions and longings, and will help you uncover your own highest truth at this time in your life.

Making peace with Anxiety:  This intensive is for people who live with chronic anxiety, panic attacks and an overly responsive nervous system .  Although there are general symptoms that are common to anxiety disorders, the way it manifests for you and its complexity of causes are unique to you.  Rather than a shameful problem to be overcome, anxiety can be embraced as part of your unique human experience.  Letting yourself experience all states of being, even fear and physical constriction,  with a sense of curiosity and acceptance, can significantly ease your anxiety symptoms and allow you to find greater space and ease within the experience.  

Love, Lover & Beloved: An exploration of how you relate to love, both in a personal and spiritual sense. Gain a better understanding of yourself in relationship with others and especially in relationship to your “beloved”, your ideal of love and union. How you relate to love, both human and divine, reveals much about your own inner self and your relationship to life itself.

Finding your Voice/Creative Expression: Do you long to express yourself through writing, art, dance or some other mode of expression but you don’t know where to begin? Do you tend to think that you don’t have enough talent or focus to create anything? This intensive is a process of creative recovery, helping you to reconnect with your inner artist though playful experimentation as well as identifying the source of your self doubt.

Healing/Processing a birthing experience:  This intensive is especially for women who have had a traumatic or confusing birth experience, as well as anyone who would like to emotionally process all the inner and outer changes that have happened since the birth of a child. New parents often have very little space for themselves, even to feel what they are feeling, once they have a child.  This intensive will allow you to witness your own experience and talk it through, allowing greater meaning and coherence to emerge.  This intensive can be taken by a couple if desired, and babies are welcome if need be.

Nonviolent communication for a better relationship to your self and others:  In this intensive you will learn how to use the principles of nonviolent communication for more clarity and truthfulness in your relationships. You will also learn how to express your own needs in a way that honors your self as well as the other person. This intensive is especially helpful for those who have trouble expressing their own needs and those who are in a “stuck” relationship, where there is little meaningful communication.