Post-birth Processing

Giving birth to a child is an intense experience that often leaves mixed emotions in its wake. You may have felt, or still feel,  joy, disappointment, anger, wonder, gratitude, and guilt. You may even feel traumatized by a birth that seemed to go all wrong. However your birth played out,  you may be aware that you have gone through a powerful threshold, an experience that has left its mark and changed you.

With the all-consuming demands of motherhood, women rarely have the space to feel and process their emotions and to make greater meaning out of the intense experience of birthing.  I want to give women (and their partners if desired) the opportunity to tell their birth story in a safe and supportive space, and to let themselves feel and work through whatever unresolved emotions they may be carrying. The key lies in letting yourself feel all that you feel and witnessing your own experience. Only then can you begin to let go and move on.  In sessions, I will encourage you to give voice to your experience through talking and journaling, or through creative mediums like drawing and collage.

It is possible to heal from a difficult birth, to integrate and understand it better in the context of your self development and spiritual growth.  It is also possible to let go of excessive fear based on past trauma and instill  a positive and hopeful expectation for future births.   I hope that you will consider giving yourself the gift of time just for you, to nurture and take care of your self. Giving birth is a powerful and complex experience, and it can really help to have support and guidance in the delicate period after birth, whether it is days, weeks or months after.