Spiritual Health and Wellbeing

with Jayne MacGregor, RN, Spiritual Health Mentor (SCT)

My years of professional work and personal experience enables me to :

– Support you when asking and facing the ‘big’ questions in and of life

– Help you to discover your own unique path

– Share with you from much experience gathered during my own life.

– Be a companion traveller, accompanying you on your journey.

I believe that we are all complex and interconnected beings whereby the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves all have equally important parts to play in our overall wellbeing. When difficulties and challenges arise, we often need help to tease things out and a safe space to really hear ourselves and be truly heard by another.

How do we manage our varied relationships, our health and wellbeing with more compassion and greater integrity? How do we connect with our unique self – the treasure within – which we need to recover and perhaps discover for the first time.

It is said that we can’t give to others what we haven’t received ourselves, nor can we usefully share what we haven’t ourselves learnt. As an elder of life’s wisdom I have both received and learnt many things – and I can help others along the way.