Events & Groups



Weekly Meditation Group in St. Davids

2:00 pm, every Wednesday at Jayne & Don MacGregor’s home in St Davids

All are welcome. Please call ahead to let them know you are planning to come.

01437 454388


Befriending your Anxiety- a spiritual and practical approach to living with anxiety

A 6-week facilitated group

with Heather Johnson

This group is about learning to embrace your anxiety as one aspect of your human experience, rather than seeing it as a problem to be solved or as a personal weakness or failure. By easing your fear and judgment about having anxiety, you may find that your symptoms are reduced and you have a greater sense of wellbeing and self-acceptance. We will explore our own relationship to anxiety through writing, group sharing, the use of creative imagery and mindfulness practices. We will also learn simple breathing techniques to reduce hyperventilation, which can cause or exacerbate anxiety.  The experience of constriction and fear that anxiety produces, although distressing, can be a spiritual opportunity.  Through it we can learn greater compassion for ourselves and others who are suffering, as well as the inner freedom that dawns when we allow things to be as they are without resistance.This approach is often an important step in the resolution of chronic anxiety attacks.

Contact:. I will schedule dates for this group based on expressions of interest. Please email  if you are interested.


Being in the Heart

A 6- week facilitated group/laboratory

with Jayne MacGregor & Heather Johnson

Do you sometimes not know what you are feeling, or have trouble letting yourself feel your emotions as they arise? Do you long for a deeper source of knowing and rootedness in your own being? Do you crave greater naturalness and aliveness? Being in touch with your own heart is like finding your true north, a trustworthy guide that you can rely on to point you in the direction of what is true for you.  Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and accept what you are experiencing without judgment is part of the training of the  heart. It is the development of a relationship with a deeper layer of your being. This relationship, like any other, takes time and attention in order to grow.  This group can initiate the process or deepen the connection you already have with your heart.

Each week we will practice discerning what is present in our heart center and communicate from that level with others.   Participants will be assisted in exploring what is present for them more deeply and be witnessed by the group.   The group will be structured with alternating periods of speaking/engagement and periods of silence as well as contemplative practices such as centering prayer and zhikr.

Limited to 10 participants.  Please e-mail to express interest.