Who We Are

Heather Johnson and Jayne MacGregor share a love of contemplative spiritual practice and the inner path of transformation and healing. Their approach is holistic and based in the understanding of a person as a multidimensional being,  someone who has physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects .

Heather Johnson, MA, Registered Member MBACP,  is a trained counsellor who integrates humanistic counselling with the insights of Eastern & Western wisdom traditions. She has been a student of the Sufi path for 20 years and has also been greatly influenced by Buddhism, yoga and Taoism.  Most recently she has been discovering the beauty of the Christian contemplative tradition. Her counselling work is rooted in the healing power of “presence”, a deepened capacity to feel and perceive in the moment, both through the senses and  through the “eye of the heart”. In addition she is an experienced hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner who has been supporting couples through pregnancy and birth since 2010 in Pembrokeshire.  She is originally from the U.S. and now lives in Pembrokeshire with her husband and three young sons.

Heather offers the following services:


Journey of the Self Intensives


Birth Preparation Program

Post-Birth Processing

Therapeutic & spiritual group work

Sessions are offered in person in Narberth, Pembrokeshire or via Skype.


Jayne MacGregor, RN and Spiritual Health Mentor (SCT)

We are all complex and interconnected beings and our spiritual wellbeing is integral to, and as important as, our physical, emotional and mental health.  When difficulties and challenges arise, we often need help to tease things out and a safe space to really hear ourselves and be truly heard by another.

How do we manage our varied relationships, our health and emotional wellbeing with more compassion and greater integrity?  How do we connect with our unique self – the treasure within – which we need to recover and perhaps discover for the first time? Jayne has guided, helped and accompanied many people over the years in their search for wholeness, healing, self-discovery and their relationship with the Divine ‘Other.’ She is a licensed and practising Spiritual Health Mentor, with the Diploma in Spirituality and Wellbeing (Spiritual Companions Trust).

Jayne offers the following:

  • Spiritual health and wellbeing consultations and mentoring.
  • Support for your spiritual journey in helping you to reflect on and face life’s deep questions.
  • Help in deepening your spiritual practices and to accompany you on the journey as a companion traveller.
  • Guidance on meditation and spiritual paths.

Jayne can see people in person in St Davids, or via Skype.