Love is teaching me

Slowly the heart can learn to trust.

I am learning that love is much stronger than the wolf at the door,

the loss and meaninglessness, the endless varieties of fear.

All these night anxieties seem like clouds of mist, disappearing in the brilliance of the rising sun.

What power do they have against such evidence of goodness?  

Once I have melted into my beloved’s unconditional embrace,

once I have known the truth that such shelter is possible, there is no going back.

What my soul has learned it has learned in its deepest corners, in places of its darkest, secret waters.

I have learned that love can change the direction that a river flows.

There is no loss, no betrayal, no chaotic turn of events that can erase the mark of sweetness left on my heart.

Nothing can undo the knowing that a bright goodness lives at the root of everything.  

How wonderful and strange to rise up and tower above my pursuers, to subsume them into the vaster reality of Love.  

Love is teaching my cautious heart that there is nothing ever to fear.