May you build your small heaven



May you build your small heaven

A blessing for a marriage


Your love has lifted you into realms of heavenly joy.

The perfume of roses is around you, even in the midst of daily activities,

your life in the mundane world.

In the kitchen with all the dishes, within the quiet walls of your house,

another space opens up, exists within your moments together.

A sweetness and a holiness surrounds you, like a river you effortlessly swim in.

Love permeates and enfolds you like great wings.

Days and nights pass, one upon the other.

However many thousands you are given, it would not be enough to savor the fragrance,

the melody that plays on the air around your togetherness.


You know now the beauty that life contains.

In the soft rhythm of your life together, a great alchemy is taking place.

Secretly your hearts flow with the nectar of happiness,

a spring that nourishes everything that lives.

The garden you tend is vaster than you know.

How many legions of beings… ancestral spirits and those not yet born, the plants and the animals and the earth itself,

are offered healing and renewal, the possibility of a fresh new world,

through the purity of your love.


Never doubt that our small, unseen lives imprint the fabric of life.

We leave an echo, a memory that is eternal,

that helps shape what exists and what will exist.

All that is needed is to hold fast together and keep loving.

This is the most important work you could do.


May the petals of the rose keep opening.

May love purify your senses, and all the secret corners of your hearts.

May you build your small heaven on this earth.