She always tried to be beautiful

She always tried to be beautiful for her Beloved

Tried to walk straighter, to wear pretty clothes, to hold her head high

She tried to be better, more faithful and good

She wanted to keep the company of roses, to be as lovely and pure

So she might be loved.


She didn’t know that the Beloved secretly loved her most

 For her crooked smile, for her heavy shoulders, for her doubts and flowing tears

For all the flaws of her innocent soul

She didn’t know she was loved as a mother loves her child

As Majnun loved Leila, with eyes drunk on love

That see only perfection.


If she only knew how powerless was the flaw

To deter the Love of the One

How the love shining toward her would blind her

Could she see it

 It would melt her into soft, shy smiles

And she would know she was an innocent child

Feeling the gaze of the Beloved on her always

As a warm radiance from within.